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Label Whore

3 Jun

It is absolutely not intentional.  I promise.  But, as it turns out I am a bit of a label whore.

I was recently given a gift; well actually my son was given a gift, a blue plaid, seersucker, romper.  First of all, I stopped putting my son in rompers when he was 6 months old.  Second, my son has never worn, nor will he ever wear, seeksucker.  Three, I like plaid, just not that bold or intentional of a print.  The gift came with no receipt but I recognized the “house” label of a department store in our area so I set out to make a return.

Because I didn’t have a receipt, I was told I would only be given store credit for the current price of the item, which I applied towards a pair of Converse for the munchkin. As I made the new purchase, I thought to myself, am I a bad mom?  Am I wrong to dress my children in certain labels and styles as opposed to simpler, less expensive “paraphenalia.”

I have decided, No.  

If I can make a trip to Nordstroms Rack and purchase Quicksilver, Billabong, and Hurley clothing, for the same price as department store plaid, seersucker rompers I will.  I know that our world is vicisous.  I wish that we didn’t live in a label conscious world and I wish I were the type of person to stop the pandering, but I am not.  I am the mom who recognizes that whether or not I like it, the world does pay attention to these labels.  I am aware that kids are mean and fiesty.  They will  make fun of those that don’t fit in, like kids that wear seersucker rompers past toddlerhood.  

I would like to think that I am a good mom, because I am choosing my battles.  If something as simple as clothing can help my kids transition into the formidable, school years that much easier, then i will do everything I can to help.  Please don’t get me wrong – I am not degrading those who can’t afford “labels,” so hold tight.  I am simply saying if given the choice between no-name brand, department store boredom or hip, trendy, name brand surf and skate clothes that fit our lifestyle,  I will opt to be the Label Whore every time.

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