Get down with your bad self

I am a woman (lucky), wife (luckier), mother (luckiest), Christian (I heart Jesus), friend(the crazy one), runner (okay, I guess I should say walker), reader (avid), writer(aspiring), adventurer (dare me), schedule maker (control freak), chef (recipe reader/ food lover), hot mama (my husband thinks I’m the hottest woman alive).  As my friends and family will attest – I have a splash of sweet but I am much more spicy.

What is A Mighty Sweet Thing?

Famed pin-up/glamour artist Gil Elvgren produced paintings from the mid-1930’s through 1972.  The majority of his paintings and advertisements capture women in all their allure, sex appeal, and grandeur.  My favorite Gil Elvgren painting is from the year 1967, titled Quick Change Artist.  The picture is of a woman in a striped dress, hair curled, makeup on, adorning earrings,  and high heels, knelt next to a car, changing a tire.  In the position, her dress is hiked up revealing a sexy garter and thigh high pantyhose.  It is a perfect depiction of a woman and her ability to be  dirty and sexy, smart and capable, strong and sensual.  Women have many emotions, roles, and passions.  Women embrace a spectrum of emotions ranging from mighty to sweet.  It’s a mighty sweet thing!

You are a Mighty Sweet Thing

It’s a shame that many women, myself included, are afraid to be completely real.  So often we feel the need to put on an act, tidy up, and attain perfection before we allow ourselves to get close to others – what a bummer!  In doing so we become our own best kept secret.  The more transparent we are, the more fabulous, relatable, and real our relationships become, and the more we grow into our best selves!

So my vision and hope is that the content here will make you smile even if it makes you uncomfortable.  You may find yourself embarrassed, offended, or even appalled – but truthfully, I could care less – sometimes things just need to be said!  Above all, I hope it encourages you to take risks in your relationships with your husband, children, friends, and with yourself!

More than anything, I hope you Enjoy Yourself!


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