15 Jun

Brett is working late.  It’s his new schedule.  He is now gone four nights a week.  I am trying to take it in stride.  

I leave work and head to pick up the kiddos and I use the ride over to meditate through traffic (okay, so many times I get road rage…but I am trying).  Never the less, i try to calm down by the time I pick them up.  Afterall, we get the whole night together.  (Yay and Nay all wrapped into one!)

Last week I was great.  On these nights I played, made dinner and then tucked the kiddos in with prayers, books, and kisses.  Then, I finished the night with Yoga and quiet time.

I set out to make it a great Monday, a repeat of last week.

That was, until the earthquake happened.  Now I am freaking out and can’t calm down.  It wasn’t even big…

Nevertheless, I played, made dinner and finished with prayers, books, and tuck in.  But, instead of a calming Yoga session, I opted for the post earthquake glass of wine and a cigarette.

It takes the edge off, I tell ya!


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