Keep Trying. Keep Trying. Don’t Give Up

24 May

This song is fresh in my mind from an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  It’s all I can think of as I pour a glass of wine, grab Parenting Magazine, and sit down for some R and R.  I smile at Brett and give him a kiss; he is leaving on a run.

Brett was recently hired as a FireFighter.  I am thrilled, this has been a  long journey.  It also means that he needs to get in even better shape than he’s already in, so he is back to running five miles four nights a week.  I smile and throw up my wine glass in a toast.  Cheers. “I will be right here waiting for you.”

“Love you, babe.”  He leans over and gives me a kiss.  I snuggle into the couch.  If I were good, I would rise to the occasion and grab my yoga mat and do some form of excercise, but instead I sit where I am, open the magazine and savor the full body of the Malbec on my palette.  Another week is starting tomorrow.  I have recently started a new job.  It is terrible.   I have never had a worse job in my life.  But, the reality is, I have to be here right now, at least until Brett starts Fire.  So, I may as well learn to have a good attitude in the midst of the craziness.  It also means that my stress level has risen dramatically.

Brett and I made a vow when we got married that we would only drink on weekends, Friday and Saturday nights.  We saw no reason to make a glass of wine a habit and I sort of clung to that vow with pride.  But this week, that vow, after five years of marriage, went out the window.  I came home every evening, made dinner, played with the kids, chatted with my man, and poured a glass of wine to calm the hell down.

I set down my glass and opened Parenting magazine only to make a startling discovery.  Children between the ages of 2-5 watch an average of 32 hours of TV per week.  Shameless I thought to myself.  That is, until I sat back and considered the fact.  That is over four hours of TV per day!  And not only did I start to think I started to sweat… Because on top of the glasses of wine and the lack of excercise, I realized that there was a very good chance my kiddos fell in to the average TV watching category this week.  Damn it!

And now as I sit on this Sunday evening, I realize I am looking at a new week; I am realizing that I cannot have a glass of wine tomorrow.  I need to get a grip. I grab my calendar and jot down three goals.  This week, instead of wine drink hot tea.  Instead of laziness, do some yoga.  Instead of TV, Hide and go seek, bike rides, book time…anything.  And then, because it’s the only thing I can think of, I jot down my favorite tune, “Keep Trying.  Keep Trying.  Don’t Give up.”


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